Magnetic frames

The frames are made very ugly. Numerous defects are visible. Crooked and sloppily pasted magnetic strips. Numerous dirt that looks like dirty fingerprints. In total ca 700 of A4 frames and 400 of A3 are absolute garbage.

We ordered the yellow color to offer a full-color palette of products that match together. However, the frames have a see-through print and do not match the rest rendering them useless as a sale product. No one should approve the production of a see-through print in the first place. This also comes after you asked us to change the color to a more intense one because you suspected that it might be problematic. Why no white underprint was used or did not contact us to show how the frame will look. Clearly, something went wrong.

We are also unhappy because your procedures allowed the defective production and shipment of an entire batch of products without any quality controls. This wasted everyone’s time, resources, and money and indicate a more significant issue – supplier reliability.

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Video showing the products in detail